When fast fashion came about, our founder got out of fashion. He didn’t believe you could ethically compete with companies that only prioritize price. He's right. You can’t. So we don’t try. We produce quality, ethical clothing focused on versatility, so you can do more with less. And we work with partners selected based on their commitment to this vision. We’re rigorous in our selection process, and have made the decision to only work with a small group of businesses that are invested in DUER. Thanks to this unique business model that brings together production and brand without the intermediaries common to the fashion industry, we’re able to offer incredible value for high quality goods. Here are the partners we currently work with.



(Where we produce our Performance Denim and No Sweat)

The DUER story begins with Pakistan. Our founders knew a manufacturing partner was crucial to maintain the quality and ethical standards they envisioned for DUER. They purchased a small denim factory so that the business could thrive thanks to the denim expertise of Pakistan and in the loving hands of a small group of full-time, professional salaried employees.


(Where we produce our Limitless Stretch and Never Fade programs)

With expansion, comes change. In 2016 we started to outgrow our single factory, so looked to bring on a new partner. Our team had strong working relationships with the textile experts of China, and we were introduced to a company known for producing quality goods for small brands. Once we saw their BSCI-compliant factory (with green laundry treatment) and professional, salaried and insured staff we knew they’d be a good fit for DUER’s high standards.