The Definition of a DUER

DUER is a brand for the adventurers and the movers. The name itself, DUER, came from the need to find a word to encapsulate everything we are and believe in. So, what exactly is a DUER?

A DUER is anyone breaking the mold and striving for something new.

Much like when we flipped the denim game on its head, we believe our DUERs are doing the same. A DUER always asks - “Where to next?” So whether you’re a climber, a hiker, a swimmer, or a dancer, consider yourself a DUER and part of our family.

We kept the mantra in mind while assembling our team of DUER ambassadors; what better way to propel our brand than to find people who truly embody the word?!

Through this program, we now have multiple DUERs worldwide and we’re still growing. Aside from the work requirements, they’re all active individuals with a passion for pushing the boundaries and being inventive.

Further to this, our DUERs are people with a message. They love to share about the places, activities, and causes they’re passionate about, as well as the pants they love to wear.

We’ve loved watching our DUER family grow and we are excited for what’s next. If you think you’d be a great fit, take some time to get yourself more acquainted with who we are and what we believe in by heading to

duer ambassadors wearing jeans and sweatpants