DUER Los Angeles - What to do on La Brea

Known for its proximity to the famous Tar Pits, the La Brea neighbor of Los Angeles has much more to offer than meets the eye.  

Whether a hike with city views, some of L.A.’s best artisanal coffee or making your way through a diverse thoroughfare of streetwear, vintage, adventurous and some of L.A.’s newest fashion brands, there is no shortage of unique experiences to live, work and play. 

We’ve nestled our new home for DUER L.A. on south La Brea between 1st and 2nd street for a reason and wanted to share our top hits for experiences in the neighborhood:

RISE: Neighborhood

Neighborhood storefront


MOVE: Astro Gong Yoga 


yoga mats lined up in a studio


STYLE: Grey Matter  


barber chairs arranged neatly in a barber shop


EAT: Burgers 99 


Burger storefront chairs and tables ready for opening


GO: Park to Playa Trail 

a nice walkway with steel girders forming a tunnel


Whether it’s a Saturday morning hike through a hidden trail or joining us for a dance class. We here at DUER aim to live true the movement of our clothing and assist you in getting dressed and getting on with it.