Discover Coolmax® Technology

With unseasonal hotter temperatures, you're probably dreading the thought of jeans, but no need! Thanks to Coolmax® fibres found in our Performance Denim, you (and your legs) can still stay cool and covered - even through this extended summer. 

If you’re an avid gym-goer or outdoor-enthusiast you may have heard of Coolmax® before. Coolmax® is constructed from a blend of polyester fibres and has been used in performance clothing since way back. Coolmax® is the perfect component for any performance product because it keeps you cool, whether you’re in double-digit temperatures or humid climates.

To get technical here, Coolmax® makes up 28% our Performance Denim fabric which allows moisture to wick away from your body to the surface of the pant. Typically integrated with materials such as spandex, lycra, cotton, or Tencel® - the fibres hollow core insulates for warmth and is always looking out for you during any adventure.

So, don't settle for sweaty and uncomfortable outfits. Get into some performance pieces that feature Coolmax® fibres. Interested in trying some out? Shop our Performance Denim collection now.