Vancouver is a city where sidewalks meet trails and where morning commutes morph into afternoon adventures. Our city offers limitless exploration and we couldn’t think of a better home base to offer functional, unrestricted fashion that allows you to do all you need to do in a day.

Peformance Denim Playground at Dish and Duer Flagship Store in Vancouver


Our Vancouver flagship store is the only retail space in the world that features a Performance Denim Playground - complete with artificial grass.

Tree House at Dish and Duer Flagship Store in Gastown

Tree House

From the rope walls of our treehouse to the monkey bars, we encourage you to get in our pants and test out what they can do.

Tree House at Dish and Duer Flagship Store in Gastown
Dish and Duer Denim Flagship Store in Downtown Vancouver

Hammock Up High

The most obvious way to bring the outdoors inside? A hammock that sits 7 feet off the ground! Get a bird's eye view of the store floor or just simply head-up and chill out. Pretty fun, eh?

In-Store Events

We love any reason to celebrate! Join our fun and exclusive in-store events at our DUER flagship store in Gastown. Check out some of our past events and stay informed about what’s to come.